Jane in Los Olivos

Jane Kelly Kosek is a storyteller at heart. She’s drawn to character-driven stories about real people who are searching for something¬†in their lives. A common theme she explores¬†is the search for true and everlasting love. She makes movies too (check them out at www.meritagepictures.com).

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Jane began telling these dramatic and often funny stories through the films she has produced. For the last decade, Jane has been producing thought-provoking romantic short and feature films. (You can check out the films she has produced at the Web site for her production company Meritage Pictures – www.meritagepictures.com.)

Jane Pic for DOPP Web siteAnd then in 2014, she realized she has so many more ideas than she could ever tell on screen and honestly, more than she could ever write about in her lifetime. So she decided to branch out from filmmaking and start writing romantic short and long fiction. She wasn’t sure if she would be good at it or not. But she figured, why not try? The stories she had inside her head needed to get out and either put up on screen or inside the pages of a book.

She jumped into writing romantic novellas and novels and hasn’t looked back. She looks forward to sitting down at her computer each day and dreaming up new worlds and characters for her readers. And hopefully you enjoy reading and watching the stories she has dreamt up for you!


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